Investcore, Inc. is the leader in real estate development and single family construction in Bismarck, North Dakota. Privately held and based in Bismarck, North Dakota, the company was founded in 1992 by it’s current President and CEO Chad Wachter.

Chad Wachter is a descendant of German-born businessman and city commissioner Gottlieb Charles Wachter (1865-1928). Chad’s grandfather Paul H. Wachter was an entrepreneur, inventor and developed most of the land located south of Main Avenue to Bismarck Expressway.

The Wachter family is one of the earliest and most prominent families in Bismarck history. They have made a huge difference in the development of Bismarck and are considered by many as the city’s most influential real estate development family. The family is responsible for the city’s most important developments such as Kirkwood Mall and the Bismarck Civic Center.

Chad’s father Lance Wachter was instrumental in carrying out his father’s vision for south Bismarck. Lance was responsible for the development of most of the remaining property in south Bismarck, from Bismarck Expressway to Cottonwood Lake.

The family donated land for Wachter Middle School, Wachter Pool, Wachter Park, Schaumberg Ice Arena, Dorothy Moses Elementary School, Cottonwood Park, Pebble Creek Golf Course, Bismarck Civic Center, Bismarck Police Department, most of the walking trails located in south Bismarck, and helping Solheim Elementary School purchase their property at a reduced price.

Chad worked for his family growing up while going to high school and college. Attending Century High School and completing his education at Bismarck State College. Wachter holds a Real Estate Broker’s License in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

During the last 22 years, Chad has developed Copper Ridge Subdivision, Falconer Estates, Heart Ridge Addition, Prairiewood Estates, Promontory Point, Sonnet Heights, and Southridge Subdivision. Many of the homes in these developments have been built by our company.

Chad is a partner in Santa Fe, LLP. He is an Executive Vice President at his father’s company Wachter Development, Inc. He sits on the Board of Trustees at Bismarck State College. Chad is also a shareholder and founder of Kirkwood Bank of Nevada.

Investcore does business through it’s business subsidiaries known as Trademark Realty, Triton Development and Triton Homes. Our company is well capitalized with sales so far in 2012 in excess of $35 million. Our real estate brokerage division handled over $100 million in 2012 transaction volume by the end of the third quarter of 2012.
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